A glance back

“I’ve taken your advice and only check facebook once a day” she said to me.  My heart lurched a bit.  Even though my friend and blog reader had read my words on this topic and taken them to heart, I realized that I had slipped in this area.  I told her, “well, I guess I’d better go back and read my own advice”.  This propelled me into a few weeks of going back and reading some of my earlier blogs.  This writing adventure began in May 2012, just over a year and a half ago.  Enough time has passed that when I read my own words, they oft times are new and challenging – did I really write that?  Have I truly taken that to heart?

 In the book of Joshua of the Old Testament, the Israelites placed stone markers as a visual reminder of God’s faithfulness to them.  Whenever they looked at the stones, they remembered a key event when God showed up.  Going back and reading old blogs was a stone marker experience.  I could often recall the circumstances of the day, week or month that led to the writing.  Sometimes moments filled with great joy, sorrow or pain.  It was encouraging to see growth, change and hope realized.  Yet it also was a time of reminding – things I had learned in earlier days have slipped from my memory.  There were some precious ideas and thoughts that were brought back to mind and will be helpful in present days. 




 It is often encouraging to take time to remember how things were 10 years, one year, a month or even a day ago.  In the midst of dark and painful times, it can feel like this is our forever place.  But often, when we look back and then consider our here and now, it is encouraging.  God shows up.  Finding a way to mark those times is comforting when life again feels to be somehow out of control.




In the past year and a half through lots of hard work and intervention, our family has come to dwell in a healthier place.  For that I am truly grateful.  I titled this a “glance” back, because while looking back has a role, camping out there can be destructive.  Living in the present with glances to the past and future is the goal.  What are ways that you mark significant times in your life? 

PS  Thanks to my little photographer buddy for helping me out this morning.



About inpursuitofatoolbox

I am a God lover, wife of Mark and mom to 5 incredible children. Our 3 sons came to us by birth and our 2 daughters came through adoption.

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  1. I don’t often go back to reread my posts, but maybe I should. As for marking important moments, I do that most through writing and photographs. I love the photo of you looking back. Do you have a budding photographer on your hands?

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