Old faithful

About 15 years ago, three young boys combined their Christmas money and purchased what has become the best $100 ever spent around this house.


Millions of jumps, thousands of hours, hundreds of children and youth later, this old faithful structure still stands, tucked away in the corner of our yard.  Three eager and excited little boys purchased the trampoline while mom and dad threw in a little extra money for the safety net. The athletic and bravado moves made on this structure have been amazing and much fun to watch.  The creative energy that comes forth and is expressed in the midst of jumping up and down and up and down is something to behold.

 In the early days of this well loved trampoline, there were a lot of slam dunk moves and pretending to be the latest greatest sports hero.  But the makeshift milk carton and bungee cord goal has now sauntered down the tree trunk pole and just kind of hangs there full of memories.  I just can’t bring myself to take it down.


There have only been two doctor visits as a result of time spent in this active backyard corner – one friend with a sore neck and a fractured ankle that popped as our youngest daughter ran around in circles as fast as she could go.  The injuries did not occur until long after the boys had moved out and on from trampoline jumping and it turned into more of a girl dominated place of play.   Cheerleading pyramids, gymnastics moves and the occasional sword fight happen on this fantastical 15 foot diameter stage.

We have had several warm fall North Carolina teacher workdays recently.  On one of those days, I got to throw my porch door wide open  and listen to what may be my very favorite sound in the entire world.  Children laughing, playing and jumping on our backyard trampoline.


I have happy memories of waking up three sleeping sons, lying prostrate in this space and watching shooting stars light up the night.  In my older mom years, I am a little too attached to my nights of sleep to wake up our girls who we’ve worked so hard over the years to encourage and experience uninterrupted nights of sleep.  But we have at times spread out flat on our backs, watching the clouds go by and shared our Rorschach test in the sky experience.  “See the rabbit, mommy?”.  Today, this view is somewhat changed – the trees are fuller and make a larger canopy over our special jumping and staring up into the sky place.


This beloved play place is starting to break down.  A few springs have popped and I am wracking my brain on how to restore this and convince it to last just a few more years.  


The day is not too far off when we will have to dismantle this old faithful friend that has provided so much laughter and joy for so many. For now, it is satisfying to reflect on 15 years of memories and 5 beautiful children who have grown up bouncing up and down and up and down.  I am hoping that there are a few more warm, porch door wide open kind of days when I can experience the laughter of children floating through the air and into our home.  I can’t imagine these ears ever tiring of such a profoundly simple yet soul filling sound.

About inpursuitofatoolbox

I am a God lover, wife of Mark and mom to 5 incredible children. Our 3 sons came to us by birth and our 2 daughters came through adoption.

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  1. Sweet memory and one that the Wilson kids will long remember too…

  2. Oh man! You make me want a big trampoline now. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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