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  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts, though they forced me to check for you in my WordPress reader, which I need to make a better habit of reading anyway. I love your honesty and thoughts on leaving FB (and that time you cheated). I’ll be interested to see if you maintain any long-term changes from this Lenten fast. When I heard you were giving up FB, it challenged me to consider a fast from it, too. I didn’t this year and am glad because I was able to read about far-flung friends’ griefs that needed a real, handwritten card and a phone call. Perhaps next year, I’ll decide it’s time for a fast. I like the idea of seeing how I fill the time I spend/mostly waste on social media.

  2. Bernie Mansell

    I use Facebook as a tool to pray for people. More often, I find out things that I probably wouldn’t hear otherwise. I understand the wasteful time – some people get into games, apps, etc through Facebook. That can be a distraction and also a security concern for me, so opt not to do that. Unfortunately, our young people use social media to communicate and that is sad to me. There is nothing more satisfying for me to see and touch people and to experience life with them.

  3. “In the first few weeks, I often felt like there was a big party out there and I was missing out. I am guessing that when I get back on I will realize that the party wasn’t as exciting as imagined.” -Yep, and yep.

  4. Well….my deactivation lasted about a week and a half…it’s interesting that Emily had a medical emergency in Boone and I used Facebook to keep people posted and request prayers for our sweet girl. Somehow that made me feel better–and I really felt those prayers and was able to stay calm (for me!) in all the uncertainty. That being said, FB is a complete time killer and time waster….and it’s easy to hop on when I’m bored or tired. Thank you so much for your reflections and thoughts! Glad to have you back!

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